$1,485.00 USD

A Proven Interviewing Process (3 Remote Sessions – 1 hr ea)

Welcome to your guide for successful candidate interviews, tailor-made for agency owners. Elevate your hiring game with this course, designed to help you find the perfect fit for your agency.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Mindset Assessment: Learn how to spot the right mindset in candidates and evaluate their fit for your agency.

  2. Effective Questions: Discover the art of asking the best questions to uncover authentic qualities, moving beyond rehearsed answers.

  3. Spotting Red Flags: Identify warning signs during interviews and know how to dig deeper to get the full story.

  4. Graceful Exits: Learn when and how to conclude an interview gracefully when a candidate isn't the right match.

  5. Role-Play Interviews: Understand how to conduct practical interviews to gauge skills and adaptability.

  6. Candidate Grading: Create a systematic approach to evaluate candidates and organize them for future opportunities in your agency.

  7. Live Interview with Ryan: As a special bonus, if available, Ryan will join you in interviewing one of your candidates, providing real-time guidance and feedback.

Invest in Your Agency's Success:

Your agency's success relies on making the right hires. Invest in this course today to unlock the tools and techniques that will help you build a high-performing team.